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The Secret to Becoming the Top Website in Any Popular Niche 2017 – Better Alexa Rank

Do you want to know how to become the top website in any popular niche? Do you want to get more traffic than your competition? Do you want a better Alexa rank?
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Well, the first thing you need to know is Alexa ranks websites based on popularity. Alexa gives each website a number and the lower the number the more popular a site is. 1 being the most popular site on the web.

You ideally want your Alexa number to drop, which will mean you are growing in popularity.

The first thing you can do to increase your Alexa rank is to install their toolbar. The more users going to your site using Alexa toolbar, the better your rankings get.

Secondly, you can share your content on the social web. The more visitors that come from the social web, the higher your visitor count, which means your Alexa rank will improve.

Third, anytime you link out to other websites, shoot them an email letting them know that you linked to them. Within the email ask them if they can share your content. This will again help you increase your total traffic.

Last but not least, use Ahrefs to see who links out to your competition. Email them and literally beg for a link. It is tedious, but it works. This will help increase your referral traffic.

Just follow those steps and your Alexa ranking will improve.

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