SEO Tools for beginners

Check which are the 50 Best free SEO tools for beginners

Search Engine Optimization is all about good keyword research, On-Page SEO, Off-page, and Technical SEO. However, when we combine all the factors, it can become difficult for a beginner to take care of every single aspect. We have tried and tested hundreds of SEO tools to find the best ones.

Following are 50 best SEO tools;

Keyword research SEO tools

Keyword research is the foundation of a website. If we do the keyword research properly, we can beat the competitors and rank quickly. Let take a deep dive and look at which are the best SEO Tools for keyword research

Google keyword planner

In my opinion Keyword Planner Tool from Google is one of the best SEO tools you can start using for free. Google Keyword Planner allows you to find keywords related to a seed keyword. You can find up to 10 keywords related to your seed keyword. The data provided by these SEO tools are pretty accurate. However, it doesn’t give the exact search volume values. It shows volumes ranging from 0-10, 10-100, 100-1000, and so on. Different filters are available to make things easier for you.

Bing Keyword Planner

If you also want to rank your website on Bing. You can use the Bing Keyword Planner. It allows you to find the keyword with all related matrices. However, their database is limited to Bing search engines only.

Keyword shitter

If you are looking to find all the long-tail keywords related to a topic, Keyword Shiiter does this job perfectly. You can enter the main keyword, and it will show you all the long-tail keywords related to the given phrase.

This is a pretty basic SEO tool, and it doesn’t give other matrices like search volume, difficulty, trend, etc. However, it does the job perfectly.

Answer the Public

Answer the Public is a pretty useful SEO tool if you are looking to find the question phrases related to your topic. It displays data in a beautiful diagram. You can also arrange the data by words like which, what, who, etc.

Google Trends

It is always good to check whether the searches related to a given keyword are increasing, decreasing, and or stable. Google Trends allows you to see the trend by country or state wise. The best thing about Google Trends is that you can compare the trend of different keywords. It displays the trend’s data in a beautiful graph.

Keyword Surfer

For keyword research SEO tools you can use different Chrome extensions. Keyword Surfer is a Google Chrome extension. Whenever you search a keyword in Google, it shows the search volume, similar, and related keywords. The best thing about Keyword Surfer is that you can see the data right on the search engine results page.

Keyword Surfer also has a paid content optimization tool that can be used to optimize the content for SEO.


It is a free chrome extension that gives us various matrices like Alexa traffic rank, domain age, and backlinks of websites ranking on a specific keyword. Furthermore, you don’t have to leave the SERP as it displays everything under search results.


Mozbar is also a free extension offered by MOZ. It displays the keyword difficulty, page authority, domain authority, and the number of referring domains in the search results.

Also Asked is a free tool that gives us all the question phrases people ask about a particular topic. You can choose the language and region of your choice. Whenever you search a keyword, it displays the main questions connected to the subtopics’ questions.

However, it only allows ten searches per day.


Keyworddit is a Reddit keyword research tool. You can enter the subreddit, and it will show a list of keywords with monthly search volume. You can export the data in an excel sheet. It is handy when you want to do keyword research for growth on Reddit.

On-page SEO tools

As discussed in On-Page SEO, it is all about optimizing the content and user experience.

Following SEO tools can help you with the On-Page SEO and Technical SEO


Yoast is a WordPress SEO plugin that helps you optimize the on-page SEO perfectly. It shows keyword density, readability score, meta description, internal links, external links, and alt tags.

Furthermore, it also checks the content and gives suggestions for improving the content readability and on-page SEO. The dashboard is pretty intuitive, and you don’t have to leave your content page to use the Yoast.

The free version is limited. However, it’s worth trying.


The functionality of RankMath is pretty similar to Yoast. However, it gives more options like schemas, finding and fixing the broken links, and redirecting URLs.

It was free for a long time. However, recently the RankMath team has introduced a paid version that allows you to enhance the functionality of the RankMath.

Google NLP tool

By using this tool, we can check what Google thinks about our content. We can see the category, readability score, and overall content properties in the Google NLP tool.

All in One SEO Tools

All in One SEO pack helps optimize the keyword density, generate the sitemap, robots.txt files, and add social media profiles. It helps with schemas too.


SERPSim helps us see how our web page will look in the Google search results. It just needs the URL, meta description, and title.

Merkle’s Schema Markup Generator

Adding schemas to the website code is very difficult. You need to understand the coding to do it manually.

 Merkle’s Schema Markup Generator solves this problem. It helps you generate schemas of all types. You can choose the schema type, add the data and test the validity.

Google Rich Results Test

Once you have added the schemas, you can test the validity by using this free tool offered by Google. You can enter the URL or code, and it will display the results. Furthermore, it also tells what kind of rich results we can expect with the schema we have added.

If there is any problem with the schema, you can easily find the code causing the failure in rich results.

Ahrefs SEO toolbar

This is a Chrome and Firefox extension offered by Ahrefs. It shows us the page title, meta description, word count, canonicals, broken links, no-follow and do-follow backlinks. Finally, this extension is a pretty useful SEO tool for doing the On-page SEO.

Google alerts

Google alerts is a pretty useful tool if you want to stay updated with any topic. Google Alerts sends you an email whenever an update is available on your selected topic. You can set it up to stay updated whenever your websites get mentioned on the internet too.

Technical SEO tools

Technical SEO tools are all about optimizing website factors that work at the backend and affect the frontend results. 

All the below technical SEO tools have been tried and tested to be helpful.

Google Search Console

Google Search Console, formerly known as Google webmasters tool, gives us all the data its crawlers have fetched. We can add the sitemap, check the ranking keywords, clicks from the search engines, internal links, external links, and structured data issues.

We can also check whether a web page has been indexed by Google or not. 

However, to use this tool, you need to verify the ownership of the website. 

Pagespeed insights

As discussed in on-page SEO, page speed is one of the ranking factors. The web page should load quickly, wasting no time for the user. Pagespeed insights by Google help you check webpage loading speed for both mobile and desktop. Furthermore, it also gives suggestions to improve the speed if anything is causing the page to load slowly. That’s why you need good SEO Hosting.


Pingdom is another page speed test tool. The difference between Pagespeed insights and Pingdom is that you can choose the test location of your choice. Also, it gives detailed insights into webpage speed. 

It also alerts you whenever your website goes down. However, this feature requires a paid membership.


It allows you to test your website speed and offers detailed suggestions for improvements. Furthermore, GTmetrix also includes the web vitals during the speed test. Google announced the web core vitals would be a ranking factor from June 2021.

Mobile-Friendly Test

This is a free SEO tool by Google. You can check whether your website is optimized for smaller screens or not.

Ahrefs Webmaster tools

Ahrefs Webmaster tool is an excellent alternative to Google search console. After verification of ownership of your website, you can check your website health, SEO issues, Backlinks, and ranking keywords.

Screaming Frog

It is a free tool to analyze your website for technical and on-page SEO issues. It is a good alternative to Ahrefs. However, you only check 500 URLs for free. After that, you will be required to buy a paid membership. Another disadvantage of this tool is that it is desktop-based software which means you need to download it and run it only on a desktop.

Robots.txt generator

Robots.txt file instructs the search crawlers to consider the pages to be crawled or not. For beginners, it can be challenging to make this file manually. Robots.txt generator allows you to generate this file in seconds.

Sitemap Generator

A sitemap is the basic map of the website submitted to the search engines to help crawl the website. Although, Yoast generates this file automatically. However, if you are not using any SEO plugin, you can develop it through XML-sitemaps. You only need to submit the URL of your website, and it will do the rest automatically.


Cloudflare offers free CDN and caching tools. You can use it to increase website speed by serving the content from the user’s nearest server.

Really Simple SSL

SSL certificate is essential for security. However, it can be costly for beginners. Really Simple SSL is a WordPress plugin that allows you to install it for free.


It is a free tool to see how your website looks in different regions of the world.


Smush is a free WordPress plugin. It is used to optimize images by compressing and resizing. Furthermore, it allows you to optimize 50 images at a time for free. If you are a beginner, this quantity is enough for you.

HeadMaster SEO

It is a free SEO tool to check the status codes of your URLs. Once we know the status codes, we can redirect, remove, or modify the pages easily.

Chrome DevTools

It is a built-in tool within the chrome browser. You can check for all the coding issues by inspecting them. It’s also a helpful tool if you want to spy on your competitors. You can easily find what themes are plugins they are using for certain functionality. All you have to do is right-click on an object and select inspect to do it.

Hreflang Tag Generator

If you want to make your website multilingual, you can use Hreflang Tag Generator to generate the Hreflang Tags for different languages.

Wp theme detector

Wp theme detector is another tool to spy on your competitors. You can easily find the themes and plugins they are using on their websites.

Off-page SEO tools

It is essential to keep a record of the backlinks and continually check for the issues. However, it isn’t easy to do it manually. These SEO tools can make your life easier by showing backlink records, backlinks type, referring domains, and the websites’ authority.

Ahrefs backlink and broken links checker

You can find the backlinks, domain rating, URL rating, and referring domains easily using the Ahrefs backlinks checker. Ahrefs also offers free broken links checker. All you have to do is to enter the URL and see the magic.


UberSuggest is a new SEO tool offered by the SEO expert Neil Patel. It allows you to do keyword research, see backlinks, and get content ideas. The free version is limited. However, it’s enough for beginners.

Free Domain SEO Metrics

This is a free tool by MOZ. You can check the basic matrices of a domain like domain authority, page authority, and referring domains for free.


Help a Reporter is a free SEO tool that connects you with generalists. They are always looking for content. You can answer their queries and build authoritative links.

If you can’t find the email addresses for outreach. is at your service. Enter the website address, and it will give you all the email addresses of that website. However, the free plan is limited to 50 email addresses only.

Analytics tools

Google Analytics

Google Analytics helps you keep a record of your website visitors. You can see the acquisition channel, behavior, and other key metrics related to the analytics. Furthermore, it offers real-time updates.

Bing Analytics

The functionality of Bing analytics is quite similar to Google Analytics. However, Bing analytics only offers the website visitors that come through Bing.


It allows you to check the monthly traffic volume of any website. You can see the country rank, global rank, and category rank of a website in terms of traffic.

Google Data studio

Google Data Studio is basically a combination of Search Console, Google Ads, and Google Analytics. You can find and understand the analytics reports easily.

Ahrefs WordPress Plugin

This free plugin by Ahrefs is helpful for content optimization and backlinks checking right within the WordPress dashboard. The plugin generates data from analytics and offers helpful suggestions for improvement.

Rank Checking tools

Once we have set everything up, it’s time to check the rankings of our website. The Google Search Console shows the position of the ranked keywords too. However, it’s not easy to understand and keep a record of the rankings.


This is a newly launched SEO tool for checking the positions of the keywords in SERP. It offers a generous trial of 14 days. You can see the keywords, their positions, and rich results in a beautiful dashboard of the Wincher


SERP BOT is another tool that allows you to check the rank of your keywords. They also offer a free trial of 14 days.


This SERP position tool is updated daily and allows you to track positions of up to 10 keywords for free.

Semrush rank tracker

This is a pretty accurate rank tracker. You can add up to 10 keywords for free. The major advantage of this tool is that you receive an email alert whenever the position of your keywords changes.


We have discussed 50 free SEO tools to take care of every aspect of your website. You can choose the premium tools like Ahrefs, Moz, and Semrush to save your time if you can afford them.

At Rank Move, we help everyone to establish themselves in the internet world.

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