SEO Hosting – 3 Best Cloud Hosting Providers for WordPress

Let’s have a look at why you need SEO hosting on the Cloud. A slow-loading website can affect your business badly. Your conversion rate and usability of the website depend upon the website’s speed. The research has shown that 40% of users navigate away from the website if it doesn’t load in under three seconds. Furthermore, the user experience is also affected. Since user experience is a ranking factor, your chances to climb the rankings decrease.

seo hosting - best cloud hosting providers

Website speed is a combination of different factors. Among them, the server response time is the first and foremost important factor. We tested 20 web hosts and found that server response time increases if we host our website on shared hosting.

Kinsta and Cloud Ways offer the Best Cloud SEO hosting while SiteGround offers the best inexpensive shared hosting. They topped the list on our testing with the incredible server response time.

Kinsta – Best Google Cloud SEO hosting

Kinsta was founded in 2013. It exceeds the expectations when it comes to Kinsta WordPress hosting. Since it uses Google cloud, you won’t be facing many downtime or server response issues. This makes Kinsta one of the best SEO Hosting managed cloud providers.

kinsta wordpress seo cloud hosting

What is Kinsta SEO hosting?

It’s a fully managed cloud hosting solution for the Best SEO hosting practice. All Kinsta WordPress users don’t have to deal with management-related issues.

It offers its custom solution instead of the traditional cPanel. Following are some features which you get with this fully managed Kinsta WordPress SEO Hosting.

SSD storage

Free site migration

Free SSL

DNS management


Automatic backups

Staging area

Datacenter location of choice

Free hack recovery

Extensive knowledge base

Why is Kinsta our number 1 choice?

WpDingo observed Kinsta WordPress and SiteGround WordPress for 50 weeks by using popular web page speed test tools like Pingdom and GtMetrix. When they combined all the results from different servers they found out that the websites hosted on Kinsta loaded in under 2 seconds.

Kinsta vs SiteGroud

DarrelWilson tested the page load time and server response time for 10 days. He concluded that the website hosted on Kinsta loaded in 1.32 seconds while the server response time remained 829ms. In a similar test, the Kinsta uptime remained 99.9%.

Pingdom SEO Hosting test

WinningWp monitored the uptime of Kinsta continually for 7 days. They found out that Kinsta recorded an impressive uptime of 100%.

Uptime Kinsta WordPress check

In a DNS test by InLineHostBlogger, it was found that the DNS speed of Kinsa was 3.5 times faster than the BlueHost.

Server Cloud Hosting Test

When we compared the prices of Kinsta with top hosting providers like WpEngine, it is far cheaper than the WpEngine when the features of both are compared. Here is an overview of the prices of WpEngine and Kinsta

Kinsta Price Plans

Kinsta prices range from $30 to $1500 per month. It also offers custom pricing plans for bigger businesses. No matter what package you buy, it comes with free SSL, Free CDN, SSD storage, hack recovery, free daily backups, and 30 days money-back guarantee.

Kinsta WordPress Price Plans

SEO Hosting with Kinsta on Google Cloud

As already mentioned, Kinsta uses the Google cloud platform. It means all of your websites are hosted on the infrastructure provided by Google. You can choose the data centers of your choice. It ensures an optimized user experience. Furthermore, your website won’t crash if it gets viral because Kinsta offers automatic scaling.

fully managed cloud and SEO hosting on Kinsta

Free SSL

While most Web SEO hosting providers charge separately for SSL certificates, Kinsta stands out from the crowd by offering free SSL. Since it offers Let’s Encrypt SSL, you don’t have to deal with SSL keys anymore. To make the thing easier, it’s just one click away from  


Kinsta WordPress features

Free site migrations

With Kinsta WordPress, you don’t need to pay separately or hire a developer to migrate your website. You can contact the Kinsta customer service team, and they will do it for you without charging an extra penny.

kinsta wordpress the best seo hosting migrations

Kinsta WordPress Automatic Backups

With Kinsta, you don’t need to worry about the backups. No extra plugin is required as the custom solution provided by Kinsta WordPress backups your website daily. To further simplify things, you can choose the hours when you want to back up your files.

Kinsta WordPress restore on the cloud

Free staging area

You might want to test new things on your WordPress website. For example, installing a plugin, customizing a theme, or adding custom codes to your website. However, it can break your website. Kinsta offers a free staging area where you can test these things without breaking your website’s code. Once you are happy with the edits, press the live button, and all the changes will be applied smoothly.

Kinsta Managed Cloud

Kinsta pros

Fastest server response time

Optimized through the power of Google cloud

30 days money-back guarantee

Automatic scaling

Helpful customer support

Kinsta cons

  • You can’t install a CMS other than WordPress
  • Plans are a bit costly but worth it

Choose Kinsta if you want to speed up your website or your website is growing day by day. You won’t face any downtime; hence it will be accessible all the time. Be aware that every plan comes with a limitation of the number of visitors per month. Your pricing plans will be automatically upgraded if there is a spike in our website traffic.

CloudWays – Best Integrated Cloud Hosting Solution

Web speed and reliability depend upon good cloud servers. Many WordPress hosting providers offer dedicated servers. However, among them, a few offers managed hosting solutions. Since Cloudways is an integrated hosting solution, it gives you a choice to choose a cloud platform of your preference.

You can choose from Google Cloud, Amazon Web Services ( Also known as AWS), Vultr, Linode, or DigitalOcean.

SEO Hosting - Managed Cloud Hosting Platform on CloudWays

What is CloudWays hosting?

Located in Malta, CloudWays offer the best SEO hosting solutions. Instead of cPanel or Plesk, it offers its own custom console. It’s easy to use, and you can use it to deploy your cloud servers in minutes.

Here is an overview of what CloudWays offer:

Free SSL

Free site migration

Automatic backups

Real-time monitoring

Install unlimited applications

Staging environment


Fully managed cloud on Cloudways SEO hosting

Why is CloudWays our second best option?

Online Media Master saw an incredible improvement in page speed when they shifted to CloudWays.

SEO Hosting

The page loaded in just 1.3 seconds with a page speed score of 100%.

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Sass Scout compared CloudWays and HostGator. They use the parameters like ease of use, value for money, features, and customer support. The results suggested that CloudWays was the indisputable winner in all aspects.

Hostingator vs CloudWays

CloudWays pricing

CloudWays offer two choices when it comes to price packages. You can pay monthly or pay hourly. The hourly prices range for Digital Ocean cloud ranges from $ 0.0139 /hr to $ 0.1111 /hr. Monthly prices range from $ 10 /mo to $ 80 /mo. Furthermore, every plan comes with free SSL, free site migrations, daily backups, and a free staging environment.

CloudWays Pricing

SEO Cloud Flexibility

CloudWays is truly a flexible hosting provider. You can pay on the go. Choose the cloud servers of your choice and scale it up when you ex[ect a rise in your website traffic.

One-click for everything

Everything is one click away in CloudWays hosting. Whether you need to install, back up, or restore the WordPress, you just need to press a single button. There is also a built-in cache plugin. Furthermore, you can migrate as many websites as you want with the help of a built-in migrate plugin. 

Team management

CloudWays make things easier for businesses and companies with team management options. You can add different team members to the same account, assign them different roles, restrict or allow them to access your servers.


Like an ideal website hosting provider, CloudWays takes care of all aspects of your website’s security. With a free SSL, firewalls, auto-repairs, and Two-factor authentication of your account, your website will be in safe hands.

Server location

Once you choose a cloud partner, you will be able to host your website in a data center of your own choice. You will have complete control over the server you choose.

cloud server location on cloud ways

CloudWays Pros

Choose the cloud server of your own choice

Pay on the go

Three-day free trial

Team management

Flexible control panel

CloudWays cons

If you don’t get a reply from a live chat support member in 15 minutes, your query is automatically converted to a support ticket.

No Cpanel

Prices will depend upon the cloud partner you choose.

We really liked the flexibility and ease of use offered by CloudWays. Once you choose CloudWays, your website will be up and running in minutes. You won’t face any server issues. However, plans are a bit expensive, and live chat support can be improved.

SiteGround – The cheapest shared SEO hosting option for starters

SiteGround is located in Bulgaria. It was established in 2004. It’s the cheapest shared hosting option on our list, yet it competes for most hosting providers when it comes to server response.

siteground good option for wordpress seo hosting

What is SiteGround hosting?

SiteGround is a popular shared hosting choice for beginners. It offers different hosting solutions like shared hosting, cloud hosting, and WordPress hosting. Moreover, dedicated servers are also available on demand.

Here is an overview of SiteGround features:

Dedicated IP

Free CDN

Free SSL

Team management

Daily Backups

Free staging environment

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Why is SiteGround best shared hosting?

CodeinWp analyzed all top shared hosting providers, the features, and the cost. They ranked SiteGround as the number 1 choice in the shared hosting option.

Managed Cloud Comparison

Website Tool Tester compared the uptime of both Bluehost and SiteGround. They found that Siteground offers 99.99% uptime.

Website builder expert compared 8 best hosting providers and nominated SiteGround as the most reliable shared hosting option in the industry.

QuickSprout analyzed the 9 best shared hosting options. The results showed that SiteGround is the best-shared hosting option for scaling your business. 

SiteGround prices

SiteGround prices vary depending upon the hosting type and the hosting plan you choose. The shared hosting costs $6.99/mo to $14.99/mo. Every plan comes with unmetered traffic, free SSL, CDN, migration, and WordPress installation.

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Good uptime

SiteGround promises an uptime of 99.9% and the uptime test shows that it lives above the expectations. It further promises to refund the money if your uptime goes down from 99.9%. This is the first time we have seen a hosting company having such an offer. Moreover, it competes with high-end hosting providers like BlueHost when it comes to webpage load time.

Excellent Siteground customer support

Siteground customer support has an extensive knowledge base to answer all the questions. We further tested the live chat option. We got connected to customer support in less than a minute. Furthermore, the customer support agent guided us thoroughly. 

sitegroud customer support

Free CDN and SSL

An SSL certificate helps the users identify the level of security a website is having. Google chrome considers a website unsafe and warns the user if an SSL certificate is not found on the website.

SiteGround also offers a free Content Delivery Network (CDN), which means you can store your big files on different servers and make them faster to access.

cloud flare cdn for fast seo hosting

Money-Back guarantee

SiteGround stands behind its products. That’s why it offers a 30-day money-back guarantee on all shared hosting plans. For all other hosting plans, you can ask for a refund in 15 days.

The cheapest WordPress hosting

SiteGround is the cheapest shared hosting hosting provider on our list. As compared to Kinsta and CloudWays, the fees are very less. You don’t have to sacrifice performance over money as it has all the features that high end hosting providers offer.

SiteGround pros


Number of different hosting options

Money-back guarantee

Free migrations

Special cPanel theme

Automatic plugin updates

SiteGround cons

Renewal prices are higher

No free domain

Limited storage in cheaper plans

With solid uptime, free CDN, and faster load times, SiteGround is the best budget pick in shared hosting. There are a few cons, like the absence of free domain and higher renewal prices. However, you can take advantage of bigger price plans while paying as little as $14.99/mo.

siteground vs bluehost


We have explained 3 best options for website SEO hosting. If you run a business or an ecommerce website, go for Kinsta WordPress. If your website is growing day by day, select Cloudways as it offers the best scalability option. Furthermore, if you are a beginner or have budget constraints, choose SiteGround as it is one of the cheapest shared hosting options. 

No matter what type of hosting you choose, don’t forget to check uptime history and server response time.

SEO Hosting is an essential part of organic traffic. The reason being is because Page speed is considered a ranking factor.

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