SEO Content Creation – Website Structure for Content Writing

SEO Content Creation is the foundation of an organic campaign. We can’t rank our website without content. Therefore, it’s important to have high-quality content.

This SEO content creation guide will cover all the aspects of content creation like keywords research, types of content, and website structure.

What is SEO content?

SEO Content Creation can be defined as content writing that can rank higher among the competitors. It includes quality content with proper structure, internal links, referances and visual contant. The major factors of SEO content are keywords, the content structure, and the content organization.

Content SEO helps the search engines to read and determine the quality of the content. Since internet users are always searching for the content, we can’t rank if our content is not well-researched, unique, or well organized.

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Keyword research

Keyword research is a strategy to find and use those terms we want to be ranked at the top. An SEO campaign without keyword research is incomplete. Keyword research helps us determine what terms the audience uses to search for something. Once we find those terms, we can use them in our content to get a chance at top rankings.

Following are the four key steps of good keyword research:

  1. Determine the aim of your business
  2. Find keywords related to your business
  3. Make a list of the keywords having search intent
  4. Create the content based on the keywords

Every business has different aims. It can be more sales, conversions, or simply more clicks. For example, we want to set up a website based on running shoes. Our aim, in this case, will be to market these products and generate more sales.

seo content creation

We will find the terms people are using to buy running shoes. The keyword, in this case, will be running shoes. However, it’s missing the search intent. Usually, the buyer uses the term ‘buy’ when he wants to buy a product. So, our keywords will look like this:

“Buy running shoes.”

“Buy the best running shoes.”

“Buy running shoes in the USA.”

If we want to set up an affiliate website, we need to find keywords intended for our niche. Usually, affiliate keywords have “best” or” review.”

So our keywords will look like this:

“Nike running shoe review.”

“Best running shoes”

Finally, we find all the related keywords and set up the web pages based on these keywords.

Types of SEO content

Following are different type of SEO content:


An Article is the basic type of content. It can be a news article or an interview. Most of the newspapers, magazines, and news websites use articles.

78% of people prefer to know a company through an article rather than the product.

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Product page

Every website that wants to sell a product uses the product pages. These pages mostly include the product specification, description, and buyer reviews. These pages are also known as landing pages. Furthermore, this type of content is known as commercial content.

seo content creation for product page

Blog post

A blog post is used to discuss something informally. The tone of the blog posts is usually conversational. Most of the e-commerce websites use the blog section to create awareness and provide guidelines about their products. Furthermore, most of the bloggers share their different experiences in blog posts.

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A guide usually solves the problem of a user. It is the longest piece of SEO content, and it usually includes a discussion on how to do something. Mostly, guides are linked to the product pages to increase the conversion rates. This type of content is also known as information content.


A list contains different resources related to a topic. It explains how to do or get something in different steps. Mostly, affiliate marketers use this type of content to review different products on the same page. For example, “10 best cat foods.” “5 best places to visit in New York.”

It is also known as listicle content.

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An infographic is an explanation of something in a single image. It can be a short guide, different steps, charts, or graphics. The idea of an infographic is to explain the topic such that the visitor can understand it in a single look.

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A Video is helpful for those who don’t want to read. You can explain your product, article, or guide in a video. Furthermore, different websites use videos on their pages to get more chances of rankings.

The data shows that 71% of videos help marketers achieve their goals.


A slideshow is a combination of different images. It is used to explain a topic in a few clicks. We can clarify our ideas, information, or suggestions, which are usually presented verbally.


A directory is basically a local search engine. It offers links to various resources like restaurants in an area, phone numbers, websites, etc. Yelp is a directory website that lists all the businesses.

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A glossary displays the meanings of different terms. It can be a dictionary or an explanation of different terms used in a niche. Furthermore, a glossary can be a handful of resources to deliver information regarding a topic and hence get good traffic.

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Site structure for SEO content

A proper site structure helps visitors, but it also guides the search engine bots to crawl the website effectively. Usually, categories and important pages are displayed in the navigational menu in the header. These categories and pages further link to different topics. 

Following are some tips to improve the site structure for SEO content creation:

Decide what is important for you

Everyone loves to present the content which converts. It would be best if you decide what pages, categories, or topics are important for you. The most important content of the website is also known as cornerstone content.

Usually, it contains the main keywords, also known as short-tail keywords. 

Your efforts should be focused on improving the cornerstone content. Craft well-researched cornerstone content containing an optimized ratio of the keyword. Furthermore, it should be easily accessible. You can set the article as a homepage or at least link it on the homepage.

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Link the related content

As we discussed earlier, the cornerstone content contains the main keywords. You can link the content containing the long-tails keywords with this content. Also, you can link articles from the blog section to cornerstone content. It results in a lot of traffic coming from informational content to commercial content.

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The interlinking will help the bots crawl all the pages, identify the most important ones, and rank them accordingly. This kind of structure is also known as the tail to head structure.

Interlinking helped crunchify to reduce the bounce rate from 80% to 40.81%.

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Avoid orphaned content

Orphaned content is that type of content that doesn’t receive any link from other website pages. It becomes difficult for website visitors and search engine bots to find this content. Mostly, search engine bots ignore the content, which is difficult to access. Once it is ignored, there is no chance of ranking; hence our efforts get wasted.

Create tags

Tags can help you link the similar content. It makes it easy for the users to find the related content. If a tag has been indexed, all the pages linked to that tag will be indexed.

However, we should not use more tags. Google doesn’t like pages that contain thin content. Hence, only use the tags where they are needed.

A common rule to use the tags is that use them to link informational content. Try to use fewer tags in commercial content.

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No identical content

Search engines don’t love duplicate content. Even if the duplicated content gets indexed, it doesn’t appear in the search result as Google doesn’t show the duplicated results. 

If your website has identical content, you can use the canonical URLs for it. Canonical URL helps the search engines identify similar content. Hence, your chances of rankings increase.

Avoid content cannibalization

Once a website grows, it becomes difficult to keep track of all the content which has already been covered. It can confuse the users as well as search engine bots. Ultimately, your chances of topping the search results decreases.

The difference between duplicated and cannibalized content is that duplicated content is exactly the same content. However, the cannibalized content is not the same but similar content.

The simple solution to this problem is to make a sheet and record all topics being covered.

point out links as referrals for content creation

Update or Delete outdated content

Nobody likes the outdated content. Google loves to show the fresh content at the top. For example, if you wrote an article about the latest technology in 2010, it becomes useless in 2021 as technology has improved a lot.

In SEO content creation, there are three solutions for outdated content.

  1. Delete it
  2. Edit and update it
  3. Redirect it to fresh content
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SEO content writing

Content writing is the final step in the SEO content creation guide. There is nothing important than the content itself. Therefore, if you have been writing without a strategy, it’s time to gear up and go for a methodological approach.

Come up with an original idea.

The basic principle of copywriting is to come up with an original idea. There are millions of web pages. What is your strategy to stand out from the crowd? The copywriting strategy should focus on original, fresh, and new ideas. However, it isn’t easy to come up with something new.

The good news is that your professional option or writing style is also counted as the original content. The longtail-tail keywords you researched earlier can give you an idea of the topic you will write about.

Keep your goal in mind.

The goal is the core concept of your website. If you run an e-commerce website, your goal should be to drive more sales through good product descriptions. If you are a marketer, your goal should be more conversions through the landing pages. Furthermore, if you write informational content, your aim can be more revenue through ads. You will have to write rich content for this purpose.

A SMART goal is actionable and measurable. 

Remember that aimless copywriting doesn’t convert, which means you won’t be able to earn anything. Therefore, the goal should be kept in mind while writing the webpage copy.

smart goal

Don’t forget the audience.

Once you have found the goal, you need to find your targeted audience. You can run surveys or use analytics software to determine your targeted audience.

A perfect SEO copy is written by keeping in mind the gender, education, location, age, and requirements of a targeted audience. It also answers all the questions which the potential audience might have in mind. Try to solve the problems of the audience. Therefore, don’t forget the audience while you craft the SEO content copy.

Keep it simple

You might be an expert in your field. You might have a strong vocabulary. But, not everyone is an expert nor have a strong vocabulary. Therefore, you should keep things short and simple. Do not use uncommon words. Clearly explain whatever you want to explain. Furthermore, if you want your content in a language that differs from the local language, try to use the simplest words.

Spy on your competitors

Remember that top rankings are like a race. If you don’t prepare better than your competitors, you won’t win the race. Therefore, it’s a great idea to audit the content of your competitors. Find out why they are ranking and what they are lacking. 

Once you find your competitor’s shortcomings, try to produce a better copy. A copy that can help you outrank your competitor.

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You can use tools like Ahrefs and Semrush for content audits.

Use NLP tool

Search engines are getting clever day by day. Gone are the days when irrelevant content could be ranked. Nowadays, Google bots check the keyword, content, and relevancy between them when content SEO is considered. It further checks the search intent, entitles, sentiments, and syntax. After checking these factors, a relevant category is assigned to the topic.

For example, we used the following text to check what Google thinks about it.

“Rank Move is the ultimate resource to learn search engine optimization. Simeon, the founder of Rank Move, is an SEO expert; he has a strong grip over on-page, technical, and off-page SEO. Furthermore, he is an expert digital marketer”.

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The Google NLP tool showed us that we are talking about a person. This person belongs to Business & Industrial/Business Services or Internet & Telecom/Web Services. Furthermore, it showed that we are talking about a third person.  The confidence level for the categories assigned is 0.81 and 0.77, respectively.

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SurferSEO can help you write NLP friendly content with easy to follow recommendations.


We explained the SEO content creation process in this guide. Make sure to do proper keyword research. Write for human beings. Therefore, do not write for the robots. Link the content properly, and make sure to use your keywords in the content. Do not over optimize. It can lead to keyword stuffing, which can result in disliking by the search engines. 

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