SEO Case Study: From 0 to 44,000,000 visitors in 1 month

This SEO case study will cover an SEO Strategy that resulted in 44 000 00 visitors in just a month. As said from Zero to Hero

Although the domain was registered in 2019 and set up the website in August 2020 it never picked up. The problem is that there was a lot of competition in the niche. It means very little or no chances of rankings. None of the pages was getting indexed. Before I started with the SEO Case Study, I want to underline that the results are 100% true and can be easily verified with any SEO tools.

The website is It is a tool-based website that allows you to download videos from Youtube and Facebook. Moreover, you can also convert the videos into different formats.

SEO Case Study

SEO Challenges

In 2021 is extremely hard to get a website rank for a short period of time. Let’s have a look what are the SEO Challenges.

High competition

Since it is a video downloading website, thousands of authority websites are related to the same niche already available. To be precise, there are over 8,910,000,000 search results when we search for the keyword “Youtube downloader.”


When we search for the keyword “Facebook downloader”, there are over 8,110,000,000 search results. It means it is a highly competitive niche.

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Ahrefs also shows it to be highly competitive and super hard to rank. In fact, the Ahrefs KD for the keyword “youtube downloader” is 89.

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Moz shows the Kd to be 41. That means it is fairly competitive.

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Ubbersuggest showed SEO difficulty of 48. It also showed that we needed to have at least 679 quality backlinks and domain authority of at least 65 if we want to get into the top 10.

Thin content

You might have heard that content is the king. It’s true as it helps to get ranked for multiple keywords. However, you can’t add much content when it comes to a tool-based website. They are just a few pages in order to get a chance of any rankings.

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Seo takes time. However, in this case, the website starts ranking like going to the Moon for only one month. You can speed up your Search Indexing time by good SEO Hosting

In the next part of this SEO case study, I will explain the strategy for ranking this website.

Strategy for ranking the website

Developing a strategy that could rank the website in one month is extreamnly hard. Here are some key points of the SEO strategy:

SEO Relevant content

As you can see the website has no content at all. Although there isn’t any space for the content, it was necessary to add content with related keywords, especially on On-Page-SEO ranking factors. Explored the keywords research tools like Ahrefs, Moz, and Ubbersuggest and you can get a handful of keywords to develop the content. Furthermore, you can also extract some questions that could be used in the FAQ section of any website.

Improve the web speed

After the announcement of Google that the Page Speed will be rolled out more as a ranking factor is one of the most important things you need to consider especially after May 2021.


Localization and translations

To expand a website’s reach, it’s necessary to serve the content in the native languages. As someone who doesn’t understand English, it becomes easier to use the website. It is good to have the native language of the countries where most searches are done related to the keywords. As a result, the website translated into 20 languages. This included the most popular languages like French, Arabic, German, and Hindi.

Off-page SEO

To maximize the potential of the Off-page SEO do outreach and get some valuable links while keeping the things white hat going to grey hat.

  1. Social sharing.
  2. Edu and .gov links.
  3. Niche-related links.
  4. High-authority websites for the links.

Social sharing

Social sharing helps increase social signals. As a result, social signals can help build authority and get the site out of the sandbox quickly. Use social media pages to share the website with the audience. Reached out to those social media that have a large following like influencers to share your website. I can assure you once the social sharing campaign finished, some of the links will go viral and will bring extra SEO value.


Getting .edu Links

It’s easy to get an edu link by using services like Fiverr. However, the problem is most of the sellers offer spammy links. Furthermore, you can’t get the backlink from the root domain. Instead, you get a backlink from the subdomains or redirection that are of no use or do not have any SEO Value.

Try to get high authority and medium authority websites related to education. Medium authority websites were included in the list to mix things up and keep the process as natural as possible. 

You can use to find the email addresses. Write a detailed guide on how to download the videos related to the subjects and make a press release. Alternatively, the guide will e published on authoritative News websites.

Getting .gov links

Getting .gov links is very difficult. More than one people manage government sites.

Mostly, they have their own content scheduled for publishing who knows, but if you know the people you are lucky to get a link.

  • Make a list of .gov high authority websites.
  • Research how the competitors are doing it and follow their steps.
  • Make sure that the gov link is valuable and not a spammy comment or redirection

Comment and forum backlinks

Since comment and forum backlinks are sometimes counted as pure black hat technique, try to skip getting these backlinks. However, in this SEO case study, it’s important to discuss that by the time they were some keywords ranked, the website received the comment and forum backlinks automatically. It’s due to the fact that people started to discuss the website in comments and forums. Since most of these backlinks are no-follow, they help in diversity the backlink profile.

Niche related backlinks

Getting niche-related backlinks isn’t easy as no one wants to link to the competitors. Make research of all the websites related to the niche. Some websites may agree to place a link with a good guest post. However, most websites demanded payment which is considered paid link schemes and against Google guidelines. In this SEO case study, it’s important to mention that Google does not like those links that have been placed in exchange for payment.

Use a mixture of do-follow tags for links as a large number of sponsored and no-follow tags, which can mention a brand website.

Till now, we have discussed the challenges and strategies in this SEO case study. Now, let’s move on to the results of the SEO strategy.


  • The website got out of the sandbox, and all website pages got indexed as a result of social sharing. 100 visitors daily through social channels like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. Furthermore, some visitors came through Bing, Yandex, and DuckDuckgo after the social shares. It means some pages of the website also got indexed in other search engines.
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  • Reaching out to 1100 websites related to education you may get 359 links from these websites. Moreover, the success ratio, in this case, was almost 33 percent. These links gave a huge boost to the website. The domain authority increased from 1 to 30, while domain rating increased from 0 to 40. One of the pages got ranked in the first 10 results in the USA, the website starts to receive more than 10 000 visitors daily. The number of visitors increased day by day as the web pages in other languages started to receive traffic too. It means that some pages also got ranked in other countries.
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  • Getting .gov domain backlinks. The domain authority increased from 30 to 60, while the domain rating increased from 40 to 60. The position of the keywords in the Google search results showed tremendous improvement from the average potion 45 to the average position 21. Moreover, the website started to receive 75000+ users daily. Most of the traffic came from the USA, India, and Uk.
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  • A press release with 1350 niche-related, Google news-approved, and other authority websites. Getting a good response from 90 websites. As a result, the website got 90 do-follow backlinks from high authority news websites.
  • Massive improvement in the average position of the keywords. It jumped from 21 to 13. Huge spike in traffic. The website started to receive almost 1000000+ users daily. It resulted in a massive traffic value boost too.
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The current position of the website

  1. Currently, 1500+ keywords are ranking at the number 1 position.
  1. Overall, 14.6K keywords occupy the first 50 results.
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  1. It receives 44 million+ visitors every month.
seo case study website got from 0 to 44 million visiots
  1. It ranks 1,674 In global internet traffic and engagement, according to Alexa.
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  1. 16.7 million people have already visited the site.
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Key takeaways from this SEO case study

Following are some key takeaways from this SEO case study:

Keyword research matters

You will require keywords to rank a website. Good keyword research involves user intention, difficulty, search volume, and trend. I spent a lot of time doing keyword research. This is actually the small secret of every SEO Expert

Social sharing is important.

As mentioned earlier, all pages of the website got indexed after our aggressive approach towards social sharing. Furthermore, it also helped gain traffic when the website was not ranking for any keyword.

Backlinks and SEO Outreach is the key.

There is no denying that the entire process of outreach is hectic. It requires time, money, and patience. However, the consistency yields good results. Always craft the personalized outreach emails. Do not send emails during the weekends. Keep in mind the time and availability of the receiver. Moreover, do not forget to follow up after some time.

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Edu and Gov links are still considered from Google.

It’s difficult to get these links. However, once you are successful, they help in trust-building. Always avoid the backlinks from subdomains as they are mostly spammy. Check the matrices before you start your outreach process. Do not forget to present a solution to public problems when you outreach for these links.

Do not forget niche relevancy.

It’s important to get links from the same niche. As mentioned previously, the 90 niche relevant backlinks did wonders in terms of rankings. Once you get a handful of backlinks from high authority niche relevant websites, you can move on to other websites.

Keep the backlink profile clean. 

Always keep your backlink profile clean. An ideal backlink profile shows a mixture of do-follow and no-follow backlinks. Furthermore, it’s essential to keep a balance between the home page and internal page backlinks. The anchor text also plays an important role. Here is the anchor text ratio that worked best:

Naked variations of homepage URLs: 30%

Naked Internal pages URLs: 30%

Homepage Anchor text: 20%

Posts anchor text: 20%


I hope you liked my SEO case study. Do not forget to subscribe to my newsletter for more case studies.

At Rank Move, I create in-depth research and help you move your rankings towards top search engine positions.

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