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My #1 SEO Trick (It’s Not What You Think)

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0:05 I know some of you guys have been wondering what’s the biggest SEO trick that I’m using today, and I have to tell you, it’s funny because most people think, hey Neil, you’re super tactical. Like, what link building tactic are you using? How are you running your content? What are you using specifically to rank at the top of Google?

1:30 Becauses you rank for terms like, or if you Google terms like “SEO online marketing, internet marketing,” I’m ranking on page one for a lot of these terms. Some of them at the top, some of them even number one. Here’s the trick, my biggest SEO hack or trick isn’t SEO. It’s building a brand. If you’re looking at these videos that I’m doing from the content that I’m creating from in my blog post, from the podcasting I’m doing marketing School. Everything I do is about brand building. What I found out is, the one who has the biggest brand tends to win in the long run.

2:00 You’re not going to build a big company unless you build a brand. Now, you’re not going to be able to do TV advertising and billboards or any of that kind of stuff that these large corporations are doing, but what you can do is you can start off by just giving people value by busting out your phone, recording your video, uploading it to Facebook, to YouTube, to LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, whatever it may be. You can create a podcast, bust out your phone again, record yourself, upload it to iTunes.

2:30 You could write a blog post, write an article, release it on WordPress. Share it on the Social Web, it’ll get you some traction. The point I’m trying to make is if you help people with your content and your information and you just give it to them and you really just genuinely care, I do this, yes because it helps with my brand, but I really do genuinely care. It’s the reason why I respond to comments. I don’t have to respond to comments. If you look at almost all the comments that are getting on the blog and that I’m responding to, there for people that can’t afford my products or services. I don’t care, I genuinely enjoy helping out people.

3:15 But, if you care for others, you want to help them, the indirect benefit from that is that you’re going to build a brand, and I learned this not because I’m trying to build a brand, I learned this because I genuinely wanted to help out people. My mom’s a teacher, I got it from her. I genuinely wanted to help out people, and then I found out that it was building my brand at the same time, and then when people started offering me paid speaking gigs and all this kind of stuff, I was like oh wow, there’s value in building a brand. I released a blog post on a while back called The Future of SEO, and I talked about how brand queries are the future.


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