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Growth Hacks for New Service Website (That Don’t Cost a Fortune)

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Hey everyone, it’s Neil Patel. Here for another Q & A Thursday video. I’m here with Adam from

Bunty is asking, how do I growth hack a new company with very little money in a service based business? The reason I’m going to specify the function for this video is service-based businesses is entirely a bit different. It doesn’t matter if it’s service for B to B or B to C, but there are a few growth hacks you can do. Number one, have the phone number on your site top right. It helps get you more calls. You’ll notice in the service-based business; you’ll close more people over phone calls than anything else. Number two, have lead forms on every single page. I’m not joking, every single page. If you don’t have it on every single page, you’re not going to generate as many leads.

Get a free quote, or learn how to improve your interior design, or let us help you determine which colors are right for your home. You have to give them some advice and some help. Pasquale here is treating our videos, and he does video stuff, so if he wanted more clients, he couldn’t just say, hey put in your information if you’re going to pay me for video services. He’s like, hey if you’re going to figure out what kind of videos you should film, how you should film them, the environment, if you need a studio, or you should do in person videos, or selfie styled videos. Fill out your information; we’ll jump on a call. I’ll give you a free consultation. People love free consultations. Those exact words, free consultation. I can’t emphasize that enough. Give people some free info, some free consultation. Genuinely try to help me, you’ll collect a lot of leads.

You need to help and educate. You can’t just pitch people all day long; it doesn’t work well. Now that you got that done you should do an exit pop up. You can also collect leads from that, and educate and offer a free consultation. I’m serious; if you do the same pitch multiple times, it still converts well. And when you’re doing your forms for your consultations, a lot of people like asking name, email, phone number, location, like ten different fields. You could do that, but what I recommend is the first few fields name and email, and then on the next set ask for the phone and all the other information.

Take some of the tactics; I’ve created a lot of videos that break down a lot of marketing tactics and test five or six of them out. And don’t spend more than 50 bucks on quite a few of these tactics. See which one’s producing the best results, and then from there double down on the one that’s producing the best. Because it is different for every business.

See what’s hot, write some articles, publish em on your blog. Hit up all the people who shared the original one on Buzzsumo, make sure your content’s better than theirs or else they’re not going to share it. But it’s growth hacks like that; you don’t need to do tons of em. If you do those two, you can get results.

That’s it for this week’s Q & A Thursday video, thank you for watching. If you have a question that you want to be answered on next week’s video, leave a comment below. I’ll make sure I also answer every single comment below, so in case your question doesn’t get answered on next week’s video no worries I’ll still answer it. And if you enjoyed this video, like it, share it, tell other people about it. Subscribe to the channel. Thank you very much.


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