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4 Ways to Build Links for Local Businesses to Boost Your SEO Ranking

If you want your local business to get more foot traffic, you have to build local links.
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Link building is one of the most important factors of improving your search engine rankings.

If you want to rank higher locally you need to first check out Moz Local. This will help you get placed within the localized directories. Not only will this help with driving business, but it will also help with rankings.

Second, you need to check out your local chamber of commerce. Why not ask them for a link. It can drive you free localized traffic.

Third, you need to network with other localized businesses. You can cross promote and drive business to each other. For example, if you have a hair salon, you could partner up with a nail salon. As you both have similar clients.

Last but not least, go to Ahrefs and put in your competitor’s URL. See who links to them and then ask them for a link. It’s a great way to boost your position on Google.


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