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1 Simple Hack to Increase Website Conversions

Are you ready for a simple hack to increase website conversions?
Hearing is one of the 5 senses that we have, so why don’t you use sound within your marketing?
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If you read my personal blog, you’ll notice that I have a bell on my site. It is typically found in the bottom right corner. Within 30 seconds of being on my site, the bell moves and it plays a “dinging” sound.

That area is my number one converting section on my blog. Why? Because it uses sound.

I’ve tested it without sound and it doesn’t convert as well.

People used to use sound on their sites in the 1990s, but since then it’s popularity died down. Because of that, now when you use sound on your website it will stand out. Hence it has boosted my conversion rate.

If you want to have sound on your website you can use Hello Bar which helps you create alert notifications like I have on You can do this all for free.

Within the alert notification box, you can collect emails, display an offer or show anything you want.

If you have a blog consider using sound like I do. I’ve tested multiple call to actions, but using sound combined with alert notifications has turned more visitors into customers than anything else.


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